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Amateur radio shaping my life.

My father was first licensed in 1967-68 as WN8YGR. Like most beginning hams, he borrowed some equipment from fellow members of the Massillon Amateur Radio Club. He had a long wire run out of the window to a plum tree.

That same plum tree would later hold many different beam antennas until we could afford a tower.

I was first licensed on July 9, 1976 as WN8AFB. Our first station was a Heathkit HW-16 and a couple of crystals. In early 1977 I upgraded to Advanced class and my call changed to WD8AFB. We upgraded to a Heathkit HW-101 about that time. We used that rig until I went inactive in 1982.

I became active again in 2009 on HF. I have always loved CW. My first CW contact in 2009 was just as nerve racking as in 1976! I can be found on SSB or CW. I have really enjoyed working with the fine people of the SKCC (Straight Key Century Club) and FISTS on CW. It is just good old fashioned CW fun!


This Site

Other than the obvious information about myself I have some old Heathkit catalogs that I will be scanning and posting on the site. I thought it would be interesting to have these available for people.


10-10 Net
10X - 16130
SKCC - 7196S

FISTS - 15361 / CC 2125

QCWA - 34700


Updated April 24, 2017 - Added Fall 1961 and Summer 1973 Heathkit Catalogs