W4AFB Hamshack


Keith in the Shack

My current shack.


My father, WA8YGR (SK) in our shack around 1979 using our trusty HW-101.


My current HF equipment is:
  • Heathkit HW-101
  • Heathkit HR-1680 Rcvr / HX-1681 Xmit
  • Heathkit HW-8 QRP
  • Heathkit SB-200 Amp
  • Kenwood TS-140S
  • Kenwood TS-570D (My father's old rig)
  • Icom 7600
  • Yaesu FT-817ND QRP

My VHF/UHF equipment is:

  • Icom ID-800H DSTAR in house and Icom 5100 in truck
  • Icom ID-91AD
  • DVAP

There is nothing like the smell of tubes!


Keith's shack


HF Antennas:

1.) 40M Extended Double Zepp ~ 176' dipole fed with 130' of 450 ohm ladder
line connected to a DX Engineering 10kw 1:1 current balun into a high power remote tuner.

2.) Hustler 6-BTV vertical with DX Engineering balun and 8 radials.

Both antennas are concealed out in the woods behind my house. I buried 140' of conduit.
They are fed with about 180' of LMR-400 into a remote antenna switch.


This is the Hustler 6-BTV in the woods.