Geneza Pharma GP Andromix (Test-P, Tren-A, Drostan-P): Bodybuilding’s Trinity

GP Andromix by Geneza Pharmaceuticals is a mixed steroid formulation, which includes three hormones: Testosterone Propionate – 50 mg, Trenbolone Acetate – 50 mg, and Drostanolone Propionat e-50 mg.

This combination is popular among individuals who wish to run cutting cycles or lean bulking cycles, and it’s named after the fact that the three chemicals have high androgen content, which leads to better muscle definition.

Geneza Pharma GP Andromix is a bodybuilder’s dream come true. It’s a mixture of the three most potent steroids: testosterone propionate, trenbolone acetate, and drostanolone propionate.

Geneza Pharma GP Andromix is a perfect example of the type of steroid stacks used by professionals when they want to get in top shape before hitting the stage.

What is Geneza Pharma GP Andromix

Andromix is a testosterone propionate-based injectable steroid blend that contains 3 potent hormones: Testosterone Propionate 50 mg, Trenbolone Acetate 50mg, and Drostanolone Propionate 50 mg.

This combination is popular among those wanting to do cutting cycles or lean bulking cycles since the three compounds are noted for their high Androgen content, which is why bodybuilders like GP Andromix for their muscle definition.

How does GP Andromix work

GP Andromix works by enhancing nitrogen retention and protein synthesis in the body. This ensures that the body remains anabolic while using steroids, which is why GP Andromix is so often used by both professional and amateur athletes.

Geneza Pharma GP Andromix also enhances appetite and stimulates the release of Luteinizing Hormone (LH). LH is responsible for promoting growth hormone production in the body, stimulating testicular function, and increasing sperm count.

Geneza Pharma GP Andromix also helps with fat loss by preventing its storage in adipose tissue rather than burning it as fuel. Geneza Pharma GP Andromix induces a positive nitrogen balance and prevents muscle breakdown.

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Side effects of GP Andromix

There are a few side effects that a GP Andromix user can experience such as flushing, headaches, and high blood pressure. One should also be aware that Geneza Pharma GP Andromix can cause acne and hair loss if not used in combination with a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor such as Finasteride.

Geneza Pharma GP Andromix must never be stacked without one of these inhibitors or serious side effects may occur. The use of a PCT is strongly recommended when using Geneza Pharma GP Andromix to ensure the body’s natural testosterone levels remain normal after a cycle.

The use of Geneza Pharma GP Andromix will suppress natural testosterone production by up to 95% which will cause severe issues when you decide to stop using it unless strong PCT measures are taken prior to discontinuation.

Dosage and how to take Andromix

GP Andromix is recommended to be used in dosages of 300-500mg weekly. Geneza Pharma GP Andromix is best used on the days of training but may be used on off days as well if needed.

Geneza Pharma GP Andromix should not be used for longer than 8 weeks at a time to avoid side effects associated with GP Andromix such as prostate enlargement, impotence, and loss of sex drive. For medical purposes, Geneza Pharma GP Andromix is prescribed in dosages that are much higher than those found on average for bodybuilding purposes.

Next steps for those interested in taking GP Andromix

If you wish to take Geneza Pharma GP Andromix, consult with your doctor and let them know of any pre-existing medical conditions such as prostate issues, heart problems, or high blood pressure. Geneza Pharma GP Andromix should not be taken by anyone under the age of 21.

It’s also important that you do not attempt Geneza Pharma GP Andromix use if currently in a state where it is illegal to purchase and possess without a prescription.

Reviews for Geneza Pharma Andromix

1.    Ashley Jack Jones (July 14, 2021): GP Andromix is STRONG AF! Andromix is a very potent mixture and I only ran 250mg per week which was enough for me! GP Andromix really does help you get more cut than ever before. GP Andromix is perfect for both cutting or bulking cycles. GP Andromix is the strongest blend on the market without question, but it comes with lots of potential side effects so be aware! GP Andromix offers unrivaled strength and cuts like no other! Geneza Pharma GP Andromix IS PREDATORS BEST FRIEND!!

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2.    Tony Ortiz (July 20, 2021): This stuff kicks!! Geneza Pharma GP Andromix is strong as heck and I love using it! I’ve experienced massive gains and no water retention with it which is a total win in my book! GP Andromix helps you get supercut which I love. Andromix helps you lose weight fast and increases libido as well! Geneza Pharma GP Andromix is the strongest on the market for bodybuilding!!

3.    Kyle Hicks (July 23, 2021): Andromix is a strong and versatile male performance booster. If you want to make the most of your workouts, I highly recommend it. Andromix will give you great strength and size if you use it correctly. With GP Andromix, I was able to build muscle bulk and improve my bench press by 50 pounds.

4.    Jonathan Larson (August 7, 2021): Geneza Pharma GP Andromix is a clean and strong product that will give me crazy pumps in the gym. GP Andromix is an incredible pre-workout supplement that has helped me get more out of my workouts! I love it for its amazing stamina and lean cuts. GP Andromix made it easier to lose weight as well!!

5.    Mark Hillary (August 15, 2021): GP Andromix is great for short-term use only. In my experience, the effects of this substance last about 4 weeks with daily use before tapering off gradually. GP Andromix really helped me bulk up and gain lots of muscle. Both bulking and cutting cycles are aided by Geneza Pharma GP Andromix! I love the pumps that Geneza Pharma GP Andromix provides at the gym! My performance has increased dramatically thanks to Geneza Pharma GP Andromix!!

6.    Glenn Thomas (September 7, 2021): Andromix is a fantastic supplement that provides me intense pumps while I train! Because it keeps me feeling fantastic during workouts, Andromix has become one of my favorite items right away! It greatly enhanced my endurance and strength! Andromix is ideal for bulking or cutting cycles, and the outcomes are immediate!

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7.    Hank Middleton (September 9, 2021): Geneza Pharma GP Andromix is an outstanding product that I highly recommend. Geneza Pharma GP Andromix provides amazing strength and increases my endurance to make workouts more efficient! It also greatly reduces fatigue in the gym! Geneza Pharma GP Andromix has helped me make gains like never before!!

8.    Rick McCarty (September 9, 2021): Geneza Pharma GP Andromix is by far the most effective supplement on the market without question. I’ve tried just about every pre-workout booster there is, but none of them come close to Geneza Pharma GP Andromix in terms of quality or effectiveness. The effects are long-lasting and very potent. I love Geneza Pharma GP Andromix for its great muscle pumps and all the benefits Geneza Pharma GP Andromix provides!!

9.    Connor Wilson (September 13, 2021): Geneza Pharma GP Andromix is an intense supplement for intense workouts!!! GP Andromix provides amazing strength and increased stamina to make me feel like I could lift forever! GP Andromix has helped me push my limits in the gym!!

10. Derek Bates (October 6, 2021): Geneza Pharma GP Andromix has been one of the best products I’ve ever used. A single dose before training leaves my muscles feeling full and pumped throughout my entire workout! Combined with at least 2-3 sessions per week in the gym, GP Andromix quickly delivers noticeable gains.

Three hormones for three times the gains!

Geneza Pharma GP Andromix is arguably the strongest gear a man could have! If you’re looking to cut, bulk or simply gain more muscle mass Geneza Pharma GP Andromix is for you! Geneza Pharma GP Andromix helps increase strength and endurance and gives the user a leaner and harder look.

Will you be checking out GP Andromix? Let us know what you think down in the comments section!

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